I have been doing a fare amount of research towards my trip throughout Asia and Australia I which begins in a week. I needed a quick and efficient way to travel from Shanghai to Beijing and back but on a very limited budget. I found
Ctrip.com. I purchased a round trip electronic ticket from Shanghai to Beijing for under $150. The tickets are electronic. We shall see if everything goes well once I am in China. I will post my experience after the return.

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There 4 different grades of transportation from the Airport to central Santiago.

Taxi - Most expensive. About $20

Transvip - Approx. $8 - front door service - best if you have luggage. You can make reservations online. Not necessary when arriving but necessary on departure. Transvip

Centropuerto Bus - About $2. Blue with big yellow letters. Stops along Bernardo de Higgons Ave. Not good if you have luggage. Used mostly by locals. I use this bus. First stop is at Pajaritos Metro station. This bus is actually owned by the TurBus company but is not luxurious by any means.

Tur Bus - About $2. Dark green with Tur Bus written on the side. Nicer bus. Stops at Pajaritos Metro station then on to the TurBus Station near the Universidad de Santiago Metro Station. You can not go further than this into the city with this bus. You must then transfer to the subway/metro Santiago Metro or take the Micro (bus).

When considering time the taxi is the fastest, then the Transvip. But during rush hour a combination of the metro then bus may be the faster way. The metro is very fast but you must transfer to a bus at the Pajaritos Station on the Western part of the city.

You can find additional information about the airport at Aeropuerto de Santiago